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Frequently Asked Questions (Patients)

Book your appointments online, follow this link (Online Appointments) and enter all the required questions. Its easy like 1 - 2 - 3.
You can book your appointment online now, walk in to the closest ultrasound outlet and you should be attended to, please refer to the closing time and dates at (Online Appointments).
We do a variety of ultrasounds for both men and women, feel free to view the types of ultrasounds, prices and packages on this page (Types of Ultrasounds).
An ultrasound examination could be requested for many reasons. You will be most familiar with its use in obstetrics (medical care during pregnancy and childbirth) to look at the baby as it grows throughout the various stages of pregnancy. But there are also many other reasons that an ultrasound examination may be requested. For example, it is used to examine abdominal and other organs. Colour Doppler ultrasound can be used to watch blood flow in any of the arteries or veins throughout the various parts of your body. High-resolution ultrasound can be used to evaluate the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones and joints related). Breast ultrasound is an important part of the assessment of any breast lump. Ultrasound can take high quality pictures or images of most parts of your body, which makes it an excellent diagnostic test.

Frequently Asked Questions (Medical Practitioners)

Positive Financial Impact - If you currently send your patients to a clinic or hospital for medical imaging, we can help you keep that reimbursement revenue in your business.
State of the Art Equipment - The Ultimate Ultrasound ultrasound solution provides everything to perform ultrasound exams in your office.
We have a proven track record - We will provide the following benefits to you and your patients:

- Ultimate Ultrasound will work with your patience at your location, thereby embracing the ‘care closer to home’ ethos.

- A bespoke service. Every contract is different and we work with our customers to make sure that the service fits the need.

- Experienced and fully qualified sonographer.

- Our ultrasound imaging service compliments the existing local hospital and clinic provision, giving patients and doctors much greater choice.
For many types of scan, particularly pregnancy scans, the person who is carrying out the examination will be able to explain the images and results to you during or just after the scan has taken place. In other cases the sonographer will analyze the images and send a report with the interpretation of the scan to your referring doctor.