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About Us

Welcome To Ultimate Ultrasound

Ultimate Ultrasound Inc. offers a comprehensive ultrasound scanning service which can accommodate the needs of the whole family. We have considerable experience in all major areas of medical ultrasound. We are able to provide a high quality service which includes general medical, pregnancy and prenatal diagnosis, general gynaecology and women’s healthcare, infertility as well as paediatric and neonatal investigations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you capitalize on your vision and maximize the revenue potential of your practice.

ARDMS Registered Sonographers

We understand that ultrasound is a very technologist-dependent exam. Accuracy and quality is reliant upon the sonographers experience and the equipment used. All sonographers employed by Ultimate Ultrasound are RDMS registered, have years of experience in their specialty and have undergone extensive training on the system that they use to provide imaging for your patients. Specific training in patient care and customer service is also required.

Ultrasound Systems

In comparison to the console-style ultrasound machines that preceded them, the portable ultrasound machines are much smaller.

Therefore, they require less valuable space in the facilities, with the added advantage that healthcare professionals can easily move them from room to room. In most cases, portable ultrasound machines can be carried by hand and in some cases even operated for a short period only powered by a battery

Moreover, these compact ultrasounds allow for faster yet accurate diagnosis as they provide the same high-quality images as larger machines. More and more physicians are aware of the potential of portable ultrasounds and are trained to utilize them better in their practices.

Our equipment combines high quality imaging with the latest in digital technology. Experience the ease of immediate imagery and direct reports to your radiologist to facilitate rapid turn-around for final reports. We specialize in general, small parts, abdominal, OB, cardiac and vascular imaging. Whether you need service one day a month or every day of the week, our staff is available to accommodate your needs.